About us

The St. Eustatius Tourism Development Foundation was founded on the 3rd of September 1992.

Our function since then has been to operate as the islands tourist office, based in Fort Oranje.  We energetically promote the Island as a destination of choice for all potential visitors who aim to seek a location that is unlike any other part of the main stream homogenized Caribbean tourism product.

As a foundation we are governed by a board, which closely monitor all activities and the general trends within the regional and global tourism markets. They oversee all processes for the benefit of those who visit Statia.
Task: Our main task as a foundation is to promote the development of tourism on St. Eustatius.

Mission: The mission we undertake is to convince the island Government of the importance of tourism to our island and to persuade them to provide adequate funding to effectively and efficiently promote our unique product in key markets. To ensure longevity we strive to improve the standards of services & facilities to our guests and educate our future generations to understand the importance of tourism for Statia and in doing so we believe that they, in turn, will endeavor to promote the island to all the visitors that they should meet.

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