Oasis in the desert of the ocean

An oasis in the desert of oceans. It sounds far-fetched, but goes straight to the core. The quantity and diversity of plant and animal species found in and around Statia is rare. The explanation is quick. Biodiversity is being severely affected by overfishing and pollution almost everywhere in the world.

Each time adult fish disappear from the chain, the scales tip more out of balance. STENAPA cares for the environment. This organization oversees endangered animal and plant species, and protects fragile ecological zones above and below the water. The regulations for divers are clear. Anchoring is prohibited, and there is a maximum of one boat per dive spot.

The result of STENAPA’s efforts is the miraculous recovery of multiple ecosystems. Fish that have been wiped out elsewhere can be seen here. They have found a habitat directly around Statia where enough food is available.


St. Eustatius National Parks Foundation (STENAPA)