Oranjestad (Capital)

Oranjestad: “Smallest capital in the world”

The only city on the island is Oranjestad. A rugged cliff splits the city’s development into what is known as Upper Town and Lower Town.

These two are connected to each other by the steep Bay Road. After a thorough restoration, Upper Town’s historic center is now the cultural treasure room for the whole of the Caribbean.

Between the upper and lower parts of the city lies the fully restored Fort Oranje from 1636. The cannons and bastions still seem to stand guard over the island. The most striking feature of the original building is the old Dutch architecture with its clear, colorful local influences.

Lower Town makes up the narrow coastal strip, which originally served as the island’s port. In total, the island still counts sixteen forts. Some of which have been restored. The view of the neighboring islands is phenomenal from these strongholds. Especially from Fort de Windt, which offers a truly breathtaking
view of St. Kitts.