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The Golden Rock

Today “Statia” – as the island is popularly called – has a population of around 4,000. Visitors will find no mass tourism here; no sprawling sandy beaches, surrounded by large resorts. What they will find is a glorious history that they can feel and see. That, and rest.

Rest to enjoy the especially pleasant Caribbean climate and the incredible diversity of unspoiled nature. The dormant volcano “The Quill” sticks out head and shoulders above the island. A hike up the 600-meter-high volcano is a must. A spectacular tropical rainforest is hidden within its crater.

Hundreds of shipwrecks just off the coast of Statia make it a true diver’s paradise. Experience the well-preserved reef patches and abundant palings of deep sea fans. Under the surface of the crystal clear sea lies the habitat of colorful fish, lobsters, and sea turtles.


Explore our island!

At the North end area lie a series of hills, remnants of 5 extinct volcanoes. At the center of the island is a plain where the airport is located and at the south end a much younger, perfectly formed volcano can be found – “The Quill”.