Bays and beaches

Your own kingdom in the sand

Statia is not a beach destination in the classical sense of the word. But even without extensive pearl white sandy beaches dotted with lounge bars, the small bays are attractive enough. The beach life on Statia is authentic. Pure.

Smoke Alley Beach sits right next to Lower Town. This volcanic beach’s crystal clear water is perfect for a refreshing swim. The beach is wonderfully quiet. Only in the late afternoon do the Statians come by for a swim.

South of Oranjestad is Crooks Castle Beach. This bay attracts snorkelers mainly because it is home to a surprising amount of marine life. Lynch Beach is the third most attractive sandy beach. However, because of a dangerous undertow in the surf, swimming is not allowed here.

The fourth option for sun worshipers is Zeelandia Beach. The nearly three kilometer long bay with jet black volcanic sand invites sunbathers to enjoy the wonderful climate. Again, there is a dangerous undertow in the water here and swimming is not allowed.

In the absence of mass tourism one exceptional warranty applies for the bays of Statia: whomever seeks a kingdom for themselves will find it here.