Miraculous nature

Statia measures just a little over twenty square kilometers. Still, the island is home to an unprecedented wealth of natural beauty above and below sea level.

St. Eustatius is a volcanic island with three different landscapes. Volcanic landscapes dominate the northwest and southeast. These two landscapes are distinguished by sloping northern plains. To the north the landscape is hilly from the highly eroded remains of five extinct craters. The middle of the island is mostly flat, while the island’s southeastside is dominated by the dormant volcano “The Quill”. The coast of St. Eustatius consists mainly of steep cliffs with several bays, populated by small sandy beaches.

The amazing thing about the nature on St. Eustatius is that coral reefs are located within walking distance from the coastal tropical rainforest. Preserving and protecting the ecosystem of Statia is the top priority of its people. St. Eustatius National Parks Foundation (STENAPA) oversees the management of the island’s flora and fauna.