Hiking trails

“Hiking” to heaven on Statia

A visit to Statia is only complete after hiking the trails on the island. One thing can be agreed upon about the adventurous paths: an unprecedented diversity of vegetation. Cacti and shrubs dominate the lower parts. The farther up you go, the greener and more colorful the plants and flowers become.

Climbing The Quill is an absolute “must” when visiting Statia. At the highest point the view of the neighboring islands is phenomenal. Then comes the descent into the crater. Here, giant trees and colorful flowers grow in a world all their own. Watch critters scurry over the forest floor, push a Colocasia leaf (elephant ear) aside and new discoveries reveal themselves.

Hiking is possible without protective clothing. But it’s advisable to wear sturdy hiking boots. Especially in the crater where it can be slippery and wet. Always take plenty of drinking water. Young and old alike can master The Quill without a guide. But, for an optimal experience, it’s advisable to choose a guided tour.

STENAPA has planned out seven hiking routes, each with varying degrees of difficulty:

  • Quill trail
  • Couchar trail
  • Around the mountain trail
  • Panorama Point trail
  • Mazinga trail
  • Botanical garden trail
  • Crater trail

Download the map of the Quill

St Eustatius The Quill